The cube began as a vision

and is acknowledged now

as the founding space

of behavioral mathemArtistics,

continually finding

the most interesting questions to ask,

raising new possibilities,

and pursuing new themes

in apparition field cubism.

These fields are broad in their scope

and are threaded throughout

the mathemArtistic experience.

The key, as always, is beauty, and the
complementary principle of choice process.

Thank you for your belief in,

and continued support of

my mathemArtistic cube esfuerzo.

The Cube,  Taos, New Mexico

The Rainbow Cube flourishing of art love and art and science in the widest and wildest possible sense

I emphasize an extended concept of art, a new muse that is also the inspiration for science and philosophy I name it ‘MathemArtista’, a sapient, reflective aesthetic. Past, present and future I see sculpturally. Human knowledge comes from art. Science has evolved from creativity.

¿que es MathemArtist Said El Prado?

¿un arte? ¿una filosofia?
¿es Said una poesía real?
¿o no es nada de nada?